New Year, New Habits for improved personal productivity

Michael Cattarin from Clarion Consulting shares his top two tips for forming new habits for improved personal productivity:   TIP #1: Use your calendar instead of your inbox How many times have you started your working day (either at the office or beforehand from home) by checking your email? How often have you then looked[…]

3 ways to maximize your business’ FREE social media activity

Social giants Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are progressively favouring paid marketing campaigns. But if you’re a start-up, small business or have a lean digital marketing budget this year, what can you do to remain in touch with your audience online, and get the most out of available free social media activity?   We’ve dug deep[…]

How a Xero dashboard can save you time and keep you on track to hit your targets

“Good morning! Here’s how your business is performing.” Imagine opening your laptop each morning to be greeted by a simple and visual snapshot of how your business is tracking… potentially saving you hours sifting through each section of Xero individually. Say hello to Xero dashboard. To keep your finger on the pulse effectively, you need[…]

Build on Bookkeeping Tips

Let ASIC know about any change of circumstance

Has your business changed office locations? Have you moved house? Has your online store URL changed? These might seem like administrative changes only, but ASIC wants to know about any change of circumstance in your business. If you are the Director or owner of your company you need to let ASIC know. How? You can make[…]

Medical certificates: information for business owners

Would you request to see a medical certificate from an employee who says they’re sick, or would you accept their word for it every time? What do business owners need to know about medical certificates and employee leave entitlements? According to the Fair Work Act 2009, an employer is required to provide their employees with[…]

How to ensure a Smooth Transition to Cloud Accounting

With Cloud Accounting Systems increasingly dominating the realm of accounting and bookkeeping, how can you and your business ensure a smooth Transition to Cloud Accounting? The BoB Accounting team has looked at the topic Should I Transition to Cloud-Based Accounting. There are a number of difficulties which can arise during the transition process which, if[…]

Build on Bookkeeping Tips

How to ask your bank for money

Planning to ask your bank for money? As a business owner this can be a nerve-wracking task. However, if you prepare before hand, meeting your bank could being about opportunity and strategic planning. What do I need before I ask my bank for money? You MUST have up to date and accurate financials to take[…]

Why it’s super important to keep on top of Super

The BoB team has put together the following guide to help businesses keep on top of super obligations.   As well as being a crucial factor in the compliance and administrative aspects of running a business, ‘Super’ is monitored by more external bodies than any other areas of compliance, such as: The Australian Prudential Regulation[…]

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