Have you spotted the brand new Aussie fifty dollar bank note?

Did you know that new $50 bank notes went into circulation on the 18th of October? Australia has one of the most secure currencies in the world and has experienced relatively low levels of counterfeiting for many years. Although some might remember that back in September 2016 a Sydney man was arrested for making $1m[…]

2012 Banking and Finance Oath

The 2012 Banking and Finance Oath Trust is the foundation of my profession. I will serve all interests in good faith. I will compete with honour. I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint. I will help create a sustainable future. I will help create a more just society. I will speak out against wrongdoing[…]

Xero Two-step authentication will soon be compulsory

This year the ATO has updated its best-practice security measures and requirements, so you might have noticed more email notifications from your various app teams about the Australia-wide upgrade to two-step authentication, or two-factor authentication. Xero is among those businesses making the switch to 2SA, as a way of improving their login process to further[…]

How to repay a referral when you can’t refer back

Referrals are the lifeblood of most professional services firms. And, as I’ve mentioned before, the referral relationship is one of reciprocity. It’s about keeping each other in the loop about how projects are going. It’s about letting each other know where the client is at, what they’re saying and even where other opportunities may lie.[…]

How to Boost Productivity in Your Workplace Without Buying a Ping Pong Table

Even if some of us haven’t made it quite so far as to walk through the halls of the legendary Google offices, we’ve heard of the play areas, cafes, outdoor terraces and themed conference rooms that await Google’s employees and visitors. It seems like the ideal workplace, but do all these perks really equal happy[…]

Build on Bookkeeping Tips

A Bookkeeper’s Top 10 Payroll Tips

If you were looking for tips on how to train hard and get fit, you’d ask the top celebrity fitness trainers in Australia. They’re qualified, and have seen and done it all before, many many times. So, if you need help getting your payroll function into better shape, you’d ask Australia’s most qualified Bookkeeping team[…]

7 key areas to consider when building a website

Every business needs a website, especially a mobile responsive site to be successful. With so much competition, changing market trends including technology; and changing customers wants, means a website must continue to evolve in order to stay in front of your audience. What was working 12 months ago for your website, may not be right[…]

Payroll compliance: time to pay it some respect

The Fair Work Ombudsman is the Australian government body responsible for the payroll compliance of all registered Australian businesses. And boy do they have their work cut out for them this year if the news headlines are anything to go by! Recently there have been several shocking and inexcusable cases of breeches to Payroll law[…]

Future of Bookkeeping

What does the future of the Bookkeeping industry look like?

The very first bookkeeping activities have been found to date back more than 7,000 years (in Mesopotamia / Western Asia), showing lists of expenditures, and goods received and traded. I wanted to ask Carly Chant, Founder of Australia’s most qualified Bookkeeping Team, more about this age-old industry and its future in our modern world.  […]

Build on Bookkeeping Tips

August Bookkeeping Tip: Superannuation contributions

This months’ bookkeeping tip is from Operations Manager Shalini Sehgal: Make sure you’re not paying superannuation contribution guarantee above what is mandatory!   The maximum superannuation contribution base for FY2019 (per quarter) is $54,030. What this means is that the maximum super guarantee (SGC) that you can pay to the employees on a quarterly basis is[…]

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