Why outsourced bookkeeping is like a best friend for business

CA and founder of Build on Bookkeeping, a Sydney-based outsourced bookkeeping firm, wants us to think differently about the neglected worst enemy of business: bookkeeping. “Think of outsourced bookkeeping as a really close long-term friend. You trust them with your stuff, they know the best and worst of you, and you’re comfortable spending time with[…]

5 ‘essentials’ that you DON’T need to grow your own businesses and succeed… and 5 you do!

Article by Ursula Hogben from LegalVision: Growing your own business is often described as a journey… which is like describing decapitation as having a mild sore throat. Growing your own business is a daring adventure! It’s an adventure that I thoroughly recommend if you yearn to solve a problem with passion, or contribute your skills[…]

Blockchain: how it works and what it will do for the business community

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (terms that are the flavour of the month) have got many investors salivating as an alternate asset class. However, did you know that the underpinning technology behind many of these Cryptocurrencies could have bigger ramifications for the business landscape than the currencies themselves? The name of this technology is Blockchain, which is[…]

Build on Bookkeeping Tips

TPAR: Which industry will be targeted next?

We predicted it, and now the ATO will confirm any day now that from 1 July 2018 the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) requirement will extend to industries beyond just building and construction. Cleaners and couriers… you are next! The Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2018 was introduced to Parliament, proposing to extend the TPAR system[…]

Email unto others as you would have them email unto you

At times we all get the urge to send an email outside of normal working hours “while we think of it” or “in case I forget to do it tomorrow”, which is fine if that works for you. It may not however work for the recipient.   With today’s technology it’s easy to stay connected[…]

How to solve the People Puzzle

It is no secret that business leaders and organisations are under enormous pressure to become more nimble and agile in how they do business if they are to grow their position in tomorrow’s global market place. As they face increased market volatility, changing workforce demographics, increased demands for flexibility and a constant demand to do[…]

Current Accounting Industry Trends

2016/2017 saw a continuation of the consolidation within our industry and a record number of partnership appointments which highlight two things: 1) the accounting industry is thriving, and 2) the war on talent is unrelenting. We’re seeing full employment in our industry and firms are locking-in talented staff and executives to retain competitive advantage and[…]

Outsourcing to offshore third parties… is your bookkeeper or accountant guilty?

If you run a business in Australia, it must comply with Australian Tax law as well as fair work and business practices. So it makes sense to engage an Australian Bookkeeping firm and Accounting practice that have a handle on local obligations and rules, and NOT be outsourcing to offshore third parties. But how do[…]

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