September 23, 2013


Franchising. Business Background.Buying into a franchise model can be a daunting experience. You have an established business model to follow, which is usually well structured, so following it should be easy. But with privilege comes responsibility and maintaining company standards whilst managing a team and balancing client requirements can be daunting. Throw piles of paperwork into the mix and you have a seriously hectic workload – something’s got to give!

It’s safe to say that you didn’t enter the franchise because you love doing payroll and compliance – what you want is to get out there and speak to your clients face-to-face!

Luckily, BoB is well versed in franchising arrangements and requirements and will be the support you need when reporting to your accountant and franchisor. Our bookkeepers have experience balancing the various payroll requirements that come with franchising setups and maintain a thorough and efficient approach to all the necessary extensive paperwork. We work with a number of franchisors who appreciate our continuity across all operations.

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