August 15, 2016

Board and Management Reports

Build on Bookkeeping Board Reports

If you are on a company board or report directly to one, you know how frustrating it can be to have incomplete or inaccurate information and reports to present at meetings.

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Build on Bookkeeping offers a comprehensive board and management report service to cater specifically for company board meetings. Our qualified team will accurately prepare your data in a way that’s clear to communicate to board members. Don’t wait until the end of the financial year to find out how the company is performing.

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Build on Bookkeeping Board Reports lets you:

  • Assess how your business, divisions and teams are performing
  • Identify and analyse trends
  • Present thorough, accurate and professional board reports to your team
  • Empower yourself with information to enable you to improve and grow your company

How we tailor Board Reports to your company’s needs:

  • We discuss with you what the most critical figures are to monitor and report on
  • We establish whether your goals are financial or non-financial
  • We ask you whether you prefer to read numbers or look at graphs
  • We work with you to create budgets, set targets and KPIs
  • We monitor how you are tracking against both your growth targets
  • We utilise a number of tools including Spotlight Reporting, Fathom, Cash Flow Story

Board Report Packages

Build on Bookkeeping uses a number of different tools to tailor month end, quarter end and annual management reporting packages. From simple one page dashboards for you to keep your finger on the pulse, through to 30-page detailed graphs and figures for your business and each of its divisions, we will have the right report for you and your business.

And the best news? Because we can create multiple automations in your reporting; board reports are affordable and save you time.

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More Reporting Insights

If you use, Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB or excel – get in touch with us so we can show you some impressive and simple management reports and get more insight into your business.

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