September 23, 2013


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Are you a business owner/manager and struggling to stay completely across all areas of your bookkeeping and paperwork? Ever wondered what it’d be like to save hours a day on administrative, routine tasks whilst receiving timely and accurate data/financial information?

Build on Bookkeeping recognises that running a business isn’t simple, but we may just have the solution that can help you better manage your systems while complying with the ongoing list of regulatory checkpoints.

Outsource your paperwork to Build on Bookkeeping, where accountants perform bookkeeping.

With as many accounting software solutions as there are industries and regulations, the role of the bookkeeper is becoming far more technical than what it used to be. Cloud accounting, and other high tech solutions require today’s bookkeeper to have a high level of technical knowledge.

At Build on Bookkeeping, we utilise our highly skilled accountants in order to offer advanced knowledge and a wealth of experience in every aspect of bookkeeping. Our systems-based procedures ensure that all bookkeepers are up-to-date on the latest legislation and compliance requirements. Each of our clients works alongside ONE bookkeeper to ensure consistency and accuracy of ongoing services. With the assistance of the highest quality accounting software, we are proud to call ourselves industry leaders.

We offer a variety of delivery methods to suit our different clients; some like to have a BoB staff member working on site each week. Others are happy for us to manage their books remotely or through cloud accounting practices, allowing us to minimise our costs, a saving that is passed onto these clients.

We are also flexible in the way bookkeeping tasks are completed – we are happy to take on a full bookkeeping/compliance workload or to divide it between us and your current staff.

Contact BoB today to find out more about our complete list of services and how we can tailor a package to suit your unique needs and budget.

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