May 12, 2016

Outsourced Payroll

Even if your business is in Melbourne or Brisbane, we are still able to work with you! Yes, our Headquarters is in Sydney, but our remote outsourced payroll service and other bookkeeping services are largely implemented online, so you can still work with Australia’s Most Qualified Bookkeepers, even from interstate. This working method is called outsourced payroll.

How does Build on Bookkeeping work with businesses in Melbourne and other cities?

Initially, we travel to meet our new clients based in Melbourne and other states, because we enjoy meeting their teams and discussing their unique business needs. We believe it’s important to get an overall financial and strategic view of our clients’ businesses. We then plan how best to service their weekly, monthly and annual payroll needs. From this point, the attention given to our interstate clients is just as thorough as that given to our clients down the road in Sydney! If you would like us to give you a call about how we can work with you in Melbourne, Brisbane or any other city in Australia Pacific region; click here.

We can plan for and implement any regular payroll services, remotely.

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Outsourced Payroll Services available from Build on Bookkeeping:


Our bookkeepers can help with all aspects of timesheet management from chasing up employees to ensuring they are completed accurately and on time. We can also advise on some of the newest and best timesheet systems available.


Did you know that payslips MUST be issued within 24 hours of payment? With strict government regulation on the layout and validity of payslips, a BoB bookkeeper can ensure your payslips are compliant and issued in a timely fashion, no matter if you have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay cycle.

Process Payments:

Build on Bookkeeping offers three delivery method options for payment processing and submission:

  1. Simply providing the payment details so you may process and submit payments yourself
  2. Setting up all payments in your online banking to await your approval or
  3. Processing the payments for you entirely
Employee Enquiries:

With 17 years industry experience, Build on Bookkeeping Head of Operations Shalini Singhal (CPA) is always available to discuss and resolve any payroll enquiries or concerns you have. Our team are happy to answer all queries from your employees directly if this saves you time.

Payment Summaries:

Did you know that payment summaries must be issued within two weeks of the end of the financial year? In keeping with ATO payment requirements, our bookkeepers are able to complete and issue payment summaries on your behalf so you can avoid any penalties.

Starting and terminating employees:

With increasingly diverse and complex payroll legislation, starting and terminating employees isn’t as easy as it used to be. Build on Bookkeeping can issue new employees of our clients with a document pack which includes a super choice form, tax file declaration form, personal details form, FWA Statement and all other necessary information, so you don’t have to!

Super contributions:

As one of the most scrutinized areas of your business compliance, you cannot afford to be incorrect in submitting super contributions. While it may be a very tedious task, superannuation is monitored by five separate bodies making it crucial to complete correctly and punctually. Let us get it right for you.

Workers Compensation:

By taking care of your paperwork and liaising with insurance providers, the Build on Bookkeeping team can help you accurately and efficiently lodge workers compensation declarations.

Leave registers:

With an increasingly diverse range of leave allowances in Australian employment law it can be difficult to keep track of multiple staff members and their statuses. Leave the work to your Build on Bookkeeping bookkeeper who, with their specific expertise, can track and record all leave registers.

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